Terms and Conditions


concerning the education of children under the system


“RDM 2019” Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “CONTRACTOR”), UIC 205682651, with its registered office and registered address in the town of Gdansk. Sofia, Sofia Blvd. “Tsarigradsko shose” N30, bl. Balkan, inc. E, floor 2, app.5, provides services for training children under the MELILLO METHOD system in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions. A parent or guardian (hereinafter referred to as the “CLIENT”) who wishes to enrol his/her child (hereinafter referred to as the “CHILD”) to be trained under this system shall accept these General Terms and Conditions, which shall constitute a contract between the CLIENT and the CONTRACTOR.


Art. 1. The CLIENT entrusts the CONTRACTOR and the CONTRACTOR agrees to provide a training course for the CHILD on the MELILLO METHOD SYSTEM (hereinafter referred to as the “PROGRAMME”), in a specialised training centre selected by the CLIENT from among those proposed by the CONTRACTOR. The CLIENT shall have the right to choose to conduct the Program at home.

Art. 2. The CLIENT shall fill in forms and questionnaires prepared by the CONTRACTOR, in which he shall indicate the data about his CHILD, necessary for the preparation of the PROGRAMME.

Art. 3. The CONTRACTOR shall arrange for the tests and evaluation of the CHILD at the centre necessary for the PROGRAM to be drawn up. The tests and evaluations shall be conducted by Dr. Robert Melillo or by a member of the center staff trained in the MEILLO METHOD.

Art. 4. The PROGRAM at the center is conducted in groups of up to 6 children.

Art. 5. General information about the PROGRAM is contained on the CONTRACTOR’s website. The specific PROGRAM of each child is individual and is made on the basis of the results of the assessment under Art. 2 and Art. 3 of this contract.

Art. 6. The CONTRACTOR shall:

6.1. Provide the CLIENT with the preliminary assessment of the CHILD under Art. 2 and Art. 3;

6.2. To prepare the PROGRAM for the training of the CHILD in the MELILLO METHOD system in the centre or at home;

6.3. To ensure the overall implementation of the PROGRAMME in the centre.

Art.7. The CLIENT shall:

7.1. To pay in advance the fee for the evaluation of the CHILD.

7.2. To complete the forms and questionnaires provided by the CONTRACTOR.

7.3. To bring the CHILD to the assessment centre.

7.4. To pay the centre visit fee in advance

7.5. To observe the procedures which have been notified in writing to all parents by the CONTRACTOR, including dress requirements, etc., and to ensure that his/her CHILD complies with these requirements. If the CLIENT or his/her CHILD is in violation, the CONTRACTOR shall have the right to issue a written warning to the CLIENT (delivered on-site at the center or sent via email). If the breach is repeated, the CONTRACTOR shall have the right to terminate this Contract early by written notice without notice in accordance with Art. 11. in these General Terms and Conditions.

Art. 8. If the CHILD’s brother or sister is already enrolled in a program offered by the CONTRACTOR, the CHILD shall be entitled to a reduction of ten percent (10%) of the Center’s visitation fee.

Art. 9. The CLIENT expressly declares that he/she gives his/her consent, as well as the consent on behalf of the CHILD, for the personal data of the CLIENT and the CHILD contained in the documents referred to in Article 2 of these General Terms and Conditions to be processed by the CONTRACTOR in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. Further details of the CONTRACTOR’s policy on the processing of personal data shall be set out on the CONTRACTOR’s website.

Art. 10. The CLIENT expressly states that it GIVES or DOES NOT GIVE its consent for its CHILD to be photographed during the PROGRAM classes by the CONTRACTOR or the CONTRACTOR’s contractors (or their employees, as applicable) conducting the PROGRAM classes. In case of consent, the CONTRACTOR (or its contractors, as the case may be) shall be obliged to show the photographs and videos taken to the CLIENT. The CONTRACTOR may use for training and advertising purposes only those of the photographs and videos taken for which the CLIENT has given its written consent.

Art. 11. This Contract is concluded for the period until the completion of the PROGRAMME. This Contract shall be terminated early:

11.1. By mutual consent of the parties;

11.2. By two weeks’ notice in writing given at the Centre or by email by either party to the other party. If the notice is given by the CONTRACTOR, the CONTRACTOR shall be liable to pay the CLIENT the consideration paid for the part of the training programme which continues beyond the notice period. If notice is given by the CLIENT, the CLIENT shall be entitled to a refund from the CONTRACTOR of half of the consideration for the part of the training programme which continues beyond the notice period.

11.3. By notice (in writing, handed to the centre or sent by email) without notice from the CONTRACTOR if: the CLIENT (or CHILD) has breached the order which has been notified in writing to all parents and children by the CONTRACTOR, has been warned by the CONTRACTOR of the breach in accordance with clause 7.5 in this contract, and has committed a new breach. In this case, the fee paid by the CLIENT shall not be refunded.

These General Conditions shall come into force on 20 January 2020 and shall have the character of a contract between the CLIENT and the CONTRACTOR.

Storage, processing and use of personal data is carried out in full compliance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Personal Data Protection Act and the DECLARATION – PRIVACY NOTICE of the company RDM 2019 Ltd. published on the website