Dear parents, Our  process consists of the following stages:
  • individual consultation
  • a home program or group work in a centre
  • follow up consultation – assessment and adaptation of the program
To begin the process, sign up for an individual consultation by choosing the day and time that is convenient for you.Pay and download the file from your parent portal (file will be visible after payment is completed). Fill the form and upload the  document in your parent profile. This way, the specialist will be fully prepared for your consultation.
A / Consultation with a Bulgarian team of specialists
Price: 780 BGN
when enrolling choose centre option: Center for individual consultations – Bulgarian team (book consultation here)


B / Personal consultation with Dr. Melilo
price: BGN 2600
After the consultation, either you will only be given a homework program or you will be offered an appropriate group activity at the centre, which will also be combined with a homework program. Dr Melillo only designs home program. For centre activities you have to consult with his Bulgarian team.
The centre work has an additional fee of BGN 1200 for 12 sessions at the centre (three times a week for 60 minutes) and respectively BGN 400 for a home program with 4 consultations with the centre team (1 consult per week). If you start with a home program, it is very likely that you will be offered a consultation at the centre with subsequent consultation and vice versa. Because each child is different, the approach to Melilo Method is individual and multi-modal.
Please be in the centre 5 minutes before your appointment so that the consultation can start just in time.
Have your child dressed in comfortable cloths, enabling free movement. Your child should have eaten, drank water and visited the toilet. It is not a good idea to interrupt a session, and hunger and thirst are serious distractions that interfere with work.
The centre is shoes-free zone. Everyone should wear socks. Food and drinks are not allowed.